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Endoscopic Discectomy Treatment In Gurgaon

Endoscopic Discectomy Treatment in Gurgaon : Dr. S K Rajan

Doctors generally suggest an endoscopic discectomy if you seek relief from lower back pain. The best part is that it is the least invasive procedure performed in the outpatient surgical facility that removes the herniated disc material. Endoscopic spine surgery is considered a minimum invasive process. The process is used to decompress the nerve roots damaged by compressed spinal discs, and it is usually indicated in patients with compact lumbar discs. It is also ideal for patients who have not found perfect pain relief with pain management injections or the pain after pain management injection returns instantly, and the pain is also intolerable.

Things to know about minimally invasive endoscopic discectomy

An endoscopic discectomy is a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery that allows direct visualization of your nerves and the processes used for decompressing the nerve roots. Several patients who suffer from sciatica, also known as pain down the legs or lower back, might be the perfect candidate for this process. The process can also help relieve pain associated with spinal stenosis and lower back arthritis.

Endoscopic discectomy is very different from an open or lumbar microdiscectomy. In endoscopic spine surgery, there is no muscle dissection or removal of the bone, and doctors don't need to make a large insertion in the skin. There is less risk of scanning infection or blood loss thanks to this. The procedure was invented as a least invasive interventional pain management process that effectively treats the discs injured while lowering the risks involved with routine surgeries.

Under this surgery, Dr Sk Rajan uses micro-sized incisions and small tubular systems in combination with an endoscope to visualize the surgical part. The surgical approaches are generally used to treat other areas of the body, and visualization of tissues and spinal imaging tests make the process the best choice for patients.

Benefits of Using Endoscopic Discectomy

With any type of spinal surgery, endoscopic discectomy offers fantastic benefits. The best part about choosing this process is that there are small institutions and hyper-targeting of the surgical site, which means there is minimum trauma to skin muscles and soft tissues, resulting in less blood loss and faster recovery. Above all, the process can be completed in just one hour, which allows the patients to be back on their feet following an excellent post-operative recovery.

If you are going for the surgery, then Dr Sk Rajan will first prepare you for the surgery, and during the preparation part, local anaesthesia will be applied to block pain. Then, one inch or smaller skin incision will be made in a tubular trocar will be inserted. Then, depending on your specific diagnosis, the doctor will suggest a further treatment option. Above all Dr Sk Rajan offers the best treatment.