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Spinal Bone Fracture Treatment In Gurgaon

spinal fracture treatment in Gurgaon

The spinal fractures are likely to vary in severity. Some fractures are severe injuries resulting from high energy trauma or other emergency treatment. Other fractures can result from lower-impact events like minor falls in an older person whose bones are weakened by osteoporosis. Some spinal fractures also occur in the mid back pain lumbar spine or at the connection of 2 junctions. Treatment depends on the fracture severity and whether the patient has any other injuries.

Causes of spinal fracture

The high energy trauma leads to fractures of the lumbar spine like a car motor accident, fall from a significant height, sports accidents or any other violent act. Sometimes patients also need quick rapid treatment. Depending on the fractured security, the spinal cord or nerves might also be injured. The spinal fractures might also be caused by bone insufficiency. For instance, people with osteoporosis or other underlying conditions might weaken the broken bone or body spray during low impact events like reaching, twisting, or falling from a standing height. These fractures might develop over time. With no symptoms or discomfort until the bone breaks.

There are different types of spinal fractures like doctors can classify fractures of the lumbar spine based on the specific fracture pattern and if there is a spinal cord injury or not. The significant types of spine fractures include extension rotation and others.

Symptoms of spinal fracture

Fracture in the lumbar spine leads to moderate or severe back pain, likely to worsen with movement. If the spinal cord is involved, the patient might experience bladder or bowel dysfunction besides numbness, tingling, or weakening in the limbs. The patient might also have a brain injury if the fracture is caused due to high energy trauma. Then maybe other injuries are distracting injuries that lead to back pain.


The treatment for the lumbar spine fracture depends on the injuries and other therapies the specific pattern of the fracture. Dr Sk Rajan suggests that once the team has stabilised all the life-threatening injuries, he will evaluate the spinal fracture pattern and decide if the spine injury is needed or not.

The doctor will take you to the emergency room and conduct a thorough evaluation beginning with a head-to-toe physical examination. It will include an inspection of the abdomen, limbs, and pelvis in the spine. The doctor will also evaluate the neurological status and include testing their ability to move. The patient's reflexes will also be tested to determine whether there has been an injury to the spinal cord or any individual.

Hence the treatment also depends on the type of injury. When you visit Dr Sk Rajan, you can be stress-free as the doctor is well experienced and also use the latest tools.