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Percutaneous Screw Fixation In Gurgaon

Percutaneous Screw Fixation Surgeon in Gurgaon

It is a minimally invasive surgical approach that uses relatively tiny skin incisions. It is a specific technique that surgeons can use to implant metal rods and screws to stabilise your spine. Percutaneous screw fixation is a particular technique performed without a traditional large incision and is used during a spinal fusion procedure. Instead, the rods and screws are inserted through a few small incisions and using these small incisions, and the surgeon implants screws into the pedicles, which are anatomic tubes of bones that connect the front and back of the vertebrae.

Percutaneous pedicle fixation is ideally performed as a part of spinal fusion surgery. The transplanted bone is used to encourage two or more vertebrae to unite in your bone for more stability in the spine. For example, fusion and fixation might be performed to relieve pain pause due to degenerative spinal conditions, stabilise the spine after trauma, and treat instability due to tumour or infection to correct a spinal deformity.

Dr Sk Rajan performs the fixation under general anaesthesia, which means you will be unconscious during the surgery. First, the doctor will make tiny incisions on your back on either side of the spinal column. Then they will insert the screw guided by the X-ray technique known as fluoroscopy or intraoperative navigation system that relies on X-ray or computed tomography images. As per the latest technology, robotic assistance is also available to improve accuracy. Lastly, the roads will be inserted into the unique slots at the screw heads that will be locked into place. The surgical instruments are then removed, and the incisions are closed with one or two sutures.

You need to tell everything about your medications to the doctor, like over the counter medicines and supplements, especially medicines that can thin your blood like aspirin. Your doctor might recommend you stop taking these medications before the process. You need to write all the medicines before the surgery day to make it easier. If you have any allergy to medications food, then you need to ensure that you tell the doctor about the same.

You have to remove your nail Polish for acrylic nails on the surgery day and ensure that you do not wear any jewellery or makeup.

If you are going to stay overnight, then you need to bring items like a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can connect with doctor Sk Rajan as he is the best surgeon to perform this process. We will ensure that you know all the facts regarding the surgery. The best part is that the doctor uses the latest techniques so you can be stress-free.